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" Leadership and Business development"
Education for Managers in practical leadership and how to become more business minded. Leadership and business has a lot in common. Leadership is about internal relationships and business is about external relationships.

"The Manager and the Leadership"
Education in practical leadership for Managers who want to improve the result by coaching the new generation and create commitment and job satisfaction.

"Business development- Sales training"
Sales training for all persons working with sales and service. Learn the sales skills and become more business minded and learn how to create relationship to customers and suppliers.
"Complaint management"
Customer care is the most profitable activity in a business. It costs five times more to gain a new customer than keeping an old. Complaint is a gift and must be managed like that.
"Personal planning"
Personal planning is becoming more important today when we are under time pressure. Structure is necessary for an effective life. Stress and "burn outs" can easiest be avoided with personal organization and planning.
"Employee ship"
The biggest potential to increased profitability is within the own existing organization. 80% needs inspiration to self motivation.
"Development talks"
Development talks is a tool for managers to measure the atmosphere among the personnel and to implement the organizations values, objectives and visions.
"Conflict management"
Conflicts are difficult to avoid in teams where people are trying to co-operate. Conflicts are very often coming from indistinct information and injustice.
"Stress management"
"Burn out" is a big problem in most organizations. More and more people are on long term sick-list because of stress related diseases. Stress management is a part of the leadership. The manager is often the reason for "burn outs". Learn to notice the symptom and learn personal planning.

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