"Business development - sales training"
Sales training for all persons within sales and service jobs.

The education is intended to persons who:

- are new as salespersons
- have been in sales for some years and will grow.
- works within any service company

The objective is to improve the participants attitude to sales, service and the customer and to develop the sales technique to increased profitability.

Course content:

Relationship - the competition and the future
The sales process
The planning phase - business idea, market communication
The contact phase - sales reluctance
The sales phase - need analysis, sales skills
The after sales phase - customer care, complaint management

Communication between people
Performance skills

Personal planning
Development and changes
The ability to manage your self
The ability to manage relationship to others.
Our differences
Mental training
Personal action plan

This e-learning program is built up with 350 pictures, 9 exercises, 32 pages of documentation

Tutor: Tom Nilsson, TARNI Management

Time: approx. 10 hours

Cost: 540€ excl.VAT/participant.