"Complaint management"
For all persons in service- and sales jobs.

Complaint management is an important part of all operations quality work.

Customer care is the most profitable activity in a business. It costs five times more to gain a new customer than keeping an old. Complaint is a gift and must be managed like that.

- How you build up and maintain a relationship.
- How to manage and treat a complaint.
- How to create a complaint policy.
- How to implement complaint management policy in the organization.

An education that inspires to meet every relationship with care - a relationship that will be the key to success.

Course content:

Relationship - the competition and the future
The sales process
Communication between people
After sales - customer care
Complaint management - pleased customers
The ability to manage your own feelings.
The ability to manage relationship to others.
Our differences
Create a complaint management policy

This e-learning program is built up with 209 pictures, 7 exercises, 18 pages of documentation

Tutor: Tom Nilsson, TARNI Management

Time: approx. 5 hours
Cost: 210€ excl.VAT/participant