"Conflict management"

Conflicts are difficult to avoid in teams where people are trying to co-operate. Conflicts are very often coming from indistinct information and injustice.

Conflict management is a part of the leadership. A successful manager works with job satisfaction to minimize conflicts. Job satisfaction means that all employees are engaged in the company's result and create good relationship to own organization as well as to external contacts.

An education that help you understand and manage conflicts and also how to minimize them.

Course content:

Individual conflicts
Between human conflicts
System conflicts
Conflict management in five steps.
Communication between people
The ability to manage your self
The ability to manage relationship to others.
Our differences

This e-learning program is built up with 151 pictures, 3 exercises, 21 pages of documentation

Tutor: Tom Nilsson, TARNI Management
Time: approx. 5 hours
Cost: 210€ excl.VAT/participant