"Leadership and Business development"

An educational program intended to managers working with business in service, manufacturing or trading companies. Leadership and business have a lot in common. Leadership is about internal relationship and business is about external relationship.
The education is directed to you who:

- will commence a management position
- just have entered a management position.
- have been manager for a while and will grow more.

The objectives of the education is to develop the participants:

Management - the ability to take responsibility for your business
Leadership - the ability to coach the staff toward common objectives.
Business - the ability to create and keep relationships with customers and suppliers.
The content of the education:
The Manager and the Leadership
Objectives and visions
Structures of organizations
Control systems - Forms and tools
Power and influence
Delegating and responsibility
Conflict management
Ethics and morals
Relationship and empathy - Emotional intelligence
The ability to manage yourself and the ability to manage relationships to others.
Employee ship - Commitment and job satisfaction.
Development and changes

Information - Des information - Spreading of rumors
Communication between people
Attention -"strokes"
Mentorship, Coaching

Our differences -team and behavior profiles
Development talks
Business and the sales process
The sales process
The planning phase - business idea, market communication
The contact phase - sales reluctance
The sales phase - need analysis, sales skills
The after sales phase - customer care, complaint management
Personal growth
Rhetoric and presentation skills
Performance skills

Personal planning
Stress management and "burn out"
Mental training

Action plan
This e-learning program is built up with 562 pictures, 15 exercises, 64 pages of documentation

Tutor: Tom Nilsson - TARNI Management

Time: approx. 25 hours

Cost: 835€ excl.VAT/participant