TARNI e-learning

TARNI Management has a wide range of well approved training programs as self studies on Internet, all with tutor support. Learn when you have time and are inspired, at the office, at home or at the hotel......

The contents of courses are the same as our popular open programs and seminars. With e-learning you can proceed in your own pace. References

The following programs are available:

Time approx.
Price ex VAT
Leadership and Business development
562 pictures, 15 exercises, 64 pages of documentation
25 hours
The Manager and the Leadership
441 pictures, 10 exercises, 58 pages of documentation
15 hours
Business development - Sales training
350 pictures, 9 exercises, 32 pages of documentation
10 hours
Complaint management
209 pictures, 7 exercises, 18 pages of documentation
5 hours
Personal planning
166 pictures, 3 exercises, 16 pages of documentation
5 hours
Employee ship
175 pictures, 2 exercises, 19 pages of documentation
5 hours
Development talks
138 pictures, 2 exercises, 22 pages of documentation
5 hours
Conflict management
151 pictures, 3 exercises, 21 pages of documentation
5 hours
Stress management
180 pictures, 3 exercises, 19 pages of documentation
5 hours
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Complaint management is included in "Business - Sales development"
Personal planning is included in both "The Manger and the Leadership" and "Business development - Sales training"
Employee ship is included in "The Manger and the Leadership"
Development talks is included in "The Manger and the Leadership"
Conflict management is included in "The Manger and the Leadership"
Stress management is included in "The Manger and the Leadership"

The courses are composed of different units with video sequences, slide shows, analysis and own exercises. You click your self through the different modules and units in your own pace. To each unit you can download written documentation in pdf format.

The e-learning system has been tested by several hundreds of persons so we can guarantee a satisfied result.

This is how it works:
Apply for a course by filling in the form on our web site or send us an e-mail.
After we have received the application, we will issue an invoice. Payment can be done through bank transfer our bankcheque.As soon as we have received payment you will have an e-mail with username and password which lasts for one month. During that month you can login when ever you want and as many time as you like. We will ask you for a evaluation in the end of your last exercise. References

It is included in the cost to contact the tutor on address tom@tarni.com as much as you like and need for questions and reflections.

After you have finished your course we will send you a certificate as a confirmation of accomplished education.

Internet connection: Broadband is required to stay on-line.

Except computer with web browser you need the following programs:

Power Point Viewer to be able to read slide shows
If you have Power Point in the Office package you don´t need this.
Acrobat reader for downloading of pdf files.
Quick Time to be able to watch video cuts.

All programs can be downloaded free. Click the headline.